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Protek 1000 Rigid Mesh Panel Fencing may be towards the lower end of the Mesh Panel range but is by no means easy to break through. Any potential intruder would need some serious tools and a fair amount of time to break through.

The mesh panels are made up of 6mm horizontal and 5mm vertical wires welded together to leave a 200mm x 50mm spacing.

Protek 1000 Fencing is a trade name for a fencing system almost identical to the fence system we offer called V Mex fencing in heights from 1.2m up to 3m with the panels being bolted to box section posts.

This type of Mesh Panel fencing is commonly referred to as V Mex Fencing, Nylofor 3D Fencing, Masterview Fencing, Jupiter Fencing, VGuard Fencing, Axiom Fencing, Eclipse Fencing, Codi C Fencing, Euroguard Fencing or Paramesh 3M

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Protek 1000 Mesh Fencing

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